Smart Parcel Locker
in Last Mile Delivery System
Smart Parcel Locker
in Last Mile
Delivery System

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If you are planning to install smart parcel lockers, there are a few questions you must ask:

Common Smart Locker Problems Everybody Else Is Experiencing

  • What should I do if I forgot to retrieve my package before closing the door?
  • I opened the locker and discovered that it was empty. There was no content. Is my shipment missing?
  • When I attempt to retrieve my package, I receive the message “Invalid Pickup Code” Why?
  • Notification of delivery with a Pickup Code was not received, but FedEx indicates the package was delivered! Who received my parcel?
  • I accidentally selected “YES” when asked if I had collected my package. My Pickup Code no longer functions. What am I to do?
  • I accidentally selected “NO” when asked if I had collected my package. What should I do now?
  • The locker was open, but there was already a package inside with a different recipient’s name! Why? What am I to do?
  • I chose a size of locker that is inadequate. The locker door remains unlocked. What should I do now?
  • I was in the middle of a delivery when I became too preoccupied and the app expired while the door was still open! What am I to do?
  • I was in the middle of a delivery when I realized that I had completed it after the app had expired. What am I to do now?
  • I’m delivering a package that is Flat! Can your locker accommodate Flats?
  • Frequent trips to the lockers to troubleshoot Smart Locker issues
  • Constant disruptions to daily activities Dealing with dissatisfied customers and couriers
  • ROI decline for site owners
  • Hundreds of support tickets every single day for repeat issues they have no solutions for
  • High Operating costs and Low margins
  • Low customer satisfaction


There is a wide range of petential markets for our wares, including private homes, business, shops, hospitals, universities, and public institutions.



Indicate what kind of machine you are intested in


You can give us a personal manager to make your application


We install the machine with 1 year warranty period

Smart Parcel Locker Planners Will Improve Utilization of Your Space Our Smart Parcel Locker planners will improve utilization of your space, making your facility more efficient, your staff more productive, and your customers more loyal. Smart storage solutions sometimes go beyond shelving, storage, and mobile systems. With our wide range of Modular Smart Lockers, Enhanced Work flows, Best-in-Class Information and Material management systems — it’s safe to say the BH New Way Lines team members are Experts in transforming Your Space into A Smart Space.

This is the first Smart Locker system on the market to be fully cloud enabled and connected. Its Smart Database and Application is based on a menu of features from the basic “open a door” instruction to full customer support and metrics on system performance. It also includes software to monitor every transaction, gathering metrics to help track performance, usage, and consumer interactions.

BH New Way Lines Smart Lockers are powered by higher intelligence extending out the network edge in your facilities. Each locker is addressable to support field reconfiguration and “package present” sensors that connect the item to the cloud application by reporting when it is inserted or removed. This audit capability removes any uncertainty concerning individual locker status and helps to manage loss prevention.

Conventional Smart Lockers utilize small, difficult-to-read displays with a limited Graphical User Interface. On the other hand, BH New Way Lines Smart Lockers, utilizes a 15″ or 22″ High-Resolution Industrial-Grade Touch screen that supports a user-friendly interface and video display for customers as well as staff. BH New Way Lines Smart Lockers can also host many different peripheral devices to meet your unique needs, from Touch screen Displays, Scanners, ID card readers, RFID Reader, Printers, Video Cameras, and Speakers.

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